[iOS] A simple way to move your PDF documents to your iPad without iTunes: Using Google Drive

1.- Upload your PDF document to Google Drive

2.- Download Google Drive App in your iOS device, open your Google Drive Folder

3.- Open the PDF from Google Drive, click on the icon at the top-right corner, select “Open in…“. Select iBooks.

4.- Et voila, your PDF will be downloaded and included to your iBooks library.


I know there many more ways of doing that, but most of them are annoying:

– Dropbox is all the time coming with “buy more storage, invite people for more storage, do a handstand for more storage, buy buy BUY BUY” and it’s very annoying.

– iTunes politely invites you to “synchronise your iPhone/iPad”, deleting all the content that Apple might not like, to have their users under control (mmh nice try Apple).

So with that simple steps, you can have your PDF for reading without too many annoying obstacles. We are storing on Google Drive, so make sure your PDF does not contain the words “murder” or “president”, or else the FBI will be knocking your door in a couple of hours 😉




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