[Android SDK] Using variables from Gradle, in Java code

This is a pretty simple issue, but I’ve seen many questions and bad solutions about it.

An example of doing that could be:

file: app/build.gradle

           buildConfigField "int", "SAMPLE_INT", "52"
           buildConfigField "boolean", "SAMPLE_BOOL", "true"
           buildConfigField "String", "SAMPLE_STR", "\"release_foo\""
           buildConfigField "int", "SAMPLE_INT", "55"
           buildConfigField "boolean", "SAMPLE_BOOL", "false"
           buildConfigField "String", "SAMPLE_STR", "\"debug_foo\""

file: MainActivity.java

 protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState){
     String gradleStr = BuildConfig.SAMPLE_STRING;
     int gradleInt = BuildConfig.SAMPLE_INT;
     boolean gradleBool = BuildConfig.SAMPLE_BOOL;

As simple as that 🙂

hope it helps for you!


[Marmalade SDK] Warning: Using default deployment icon(s)

I just found this error when deploying my Marmalade App to Android.

As it’s explained on this thread, we need to supply a default generic icon, apart from the android-specific icon options (like android-icon-xhdpi).

For those using the hub, there is a solution in the previously mentioned thread. For those who, like me, still use .mkb files, this is how I’ve solved it.


... rest of the mkb

Deploy tool is not complaining about this anymore 🙂