[Android SDK] Implementing an Image Cache with Picasso

One of the coolest things about Picasso is that you can customize its behavior in a clean and easy way.

One interesting thing that one can find is the image cache.

Before starting, we have to include Picasso. For this example I’m using version 2.5.2. Inside app/build.gradle:

compile 'com.squareup.picasso:picasso:2.5.2'

Now we have to implement our own class implementing Picasso’s Cache interface. It could look like this:

public class CustomCache implements Cache {
  private Context mContext;
  private final File mCacheDir;

public CustomCache(Context mContext) {
  this.mContext = mContext;
  mCacheDir = ((MyApplication)mContext.getApplicationContext()).getPicturesDir();

public Bitmap get(String key) {
  key = String.format("%s.png", transform(key) );
  File f = new File(mCacheDir, key);
  return getBitmapFromFile(f.getAbsolutePath());

public void set(String key, Bitmap bitmap) {
  key = String.format("%s.png", transform(key) );
  File f = new File(mCacheDir, key);
  saveBitmapToFile(bitmap, f.getAbsolutePath());

public int size() {
  String[] children = mCacheDir.list();
  return children != null ? children.length : 0;

public int maxSize() {
  return 100;

public void clear() {
  String[] children = mCacheDir.list();
  for (int i = 0; i < children.length; i++) {
      new File(mCacheDir, children[i]).delete();

public void clearKeyUri(String keyPrefix) {


private String transform(String s) {
   return s.replaceAll("[^A-Za-z0-9]", "");

where getBitmapFromFile() and saveBitmapToFile() could be your regular implementations. At the end of the post i’ll provide two sample implementations for these methods.

The next step is to use Picasso.Builder() to make our global Picasso instance use the previous Cache implementation.

This could go in our Application class, or MainActivity’s onCreate() method:

File cacheDir = ((MyApplication)ctx.getApplicationContext()).getPicturesDir();
Cache cache = new CustomCache(ctx);
Picasso picasso = new Picasso.Builder(ctx)
 .downloader(new OkHttpDownloader(cacheDir))

From now on, when using your Picasso instance like usually:


You’ll have all images cached inside your SD card, in the folder specified by your Cache implementation. So simple, huh?

I hope it’s been helpful for you 🙂

// TODO add getBitmapFromFile(), saveBitmapToFile() :-P

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