[Android] Adding ADB to your PATH environment variable on Ubuntu

cd ~ # Go to your home directory
sudo nano .bashrc

<enter super-admin password>

at the end of .bashrc file, write:

export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/android-sdk-linux/platform-tools

save .bashrc, and re-open your terminal

[Android] Sugar ORM is not creating tables on DB creation/migration

I was having this issue in two scenarios:

– Database creation from zero (app just installed)
– Database migration (for example from v2 to v3)

there were two tables that weren’t being created.

I discovered that they both had only one constructor, with parameters.
After adding an empty constructor, both tables were created.

public NotificationDBEntry() {

public ProjectDBEntry() {

So there are two choices to make it work:
– In classes with no constructor, it will work because the default one is the empty constructor
– In classes with a non-empty constructor, it is mandatory to add an empty constructor.

Hope this saves you time!