[Android] Sugar ORM is not creating tables on DB creation/migration

I was having this issue in two scenarios:

– Database creation from zero (app just installed)
– Database migration (for example from v2 to v3)

there were two tables that weren’t being created.

I discovered that they both had only one constructor, with parameters.
After adding an empty constructor, both tables were created.

public NotificationDBEntry() {

public ProjectDBEntry() {

So there are two choices to make it work:
– In classes with no constructor, it will work because the default one is the empty constructor
– In classes with a non-empty constructor, it is mandatory to add an empty constructor.

Hope this saves you time!

[iOS] Undefined symbols for architecture arm64 _OBJC_CLASS_$_GPPShare when integrating GooglePlus SDK.

This has been a pretty annoying issue, first when Compiling the App, and then Archiving it for App Store submission. This is how i solved all the issues related to GooglePlus SDK for iOS.


Inside the lib/ folder, there are two libs: libGooglePlusUniversal.a and libGooglePlus.a, i removed this last one so only libGooglePlusUniversal.a remained. This way i could compile without errors


As it’s explained in this StackOverflow question.

I had to go to Build Settings, and inside “Architectures”, select YES in “Build for Active Architectures” (“release” was NO by default), and inside “Base SDK”, put “Latest iOS (iOS 7.1)”.

Captura de pantalla 2014-10-23 a la(s) 19.42.41

Apart from that, also had to select a development team in the “Basic” section, and “7.1” as the deployment target.

After all these changes, I could archive the App and submit to the App Store.

Hope it helps!