Marmalade Mac SDK – Opening a project from existing code

Sometimes things are so obvious, that we find them difficult.

It took me 20 minutes to guess how to open a Marmalade project (.mkb file) in a Mac laptop.
When double-clicking the .mkb, it asked me about which program to use to open that file. (the “Select application, Cancel, Search in App Store”…). So i had to do the following:

1.- Open a terminal (Ctrl+Space, then write “Terminal”).

2.- To make sure that python script is in the current pathname, write “mkb –help”. If you get a long list of available options, then the script is correctly placed. If not, see the end of this post

3.- Change to the project’s directory; Where the .mkb is. (in my case: “cd /Users/user/Desktop/MyProject”)

4.- write “mkb MyProject.mkb”. Some Marmalade resources may be downloaded, then Xcode is automatically launched to start working with the project. Additionally, a “build_xxx” directory should be created inside the “MyProject” directory. Inside, there is an .xcodeproj file that you can double-click to open the project with Xcode from now on.

As silly as that 🙂
Hope it helps

* If step 2 fails and you get “command not found”, you should add the Marmalade path to your current system PATH variable.In a terminal, write:

export PATH=/Developer/Marmalade/6.1/s3e/bin:$PATH

to check if all went fine:

echo $PATH

the PATH value should appear. it should have “/Developer/Marmalade/6.1/s3e/bin” in the beginning, and more pathnames separated by “:”.