[iOS SDK] iTunes Connect’s Routing App coverage file (geojson)

Or, as said in Spanish, “Archivo de cobertura de la app de encaminamiento”. If you are submitting your App to iTunes Store, and you get an error message saying it needs the “Routing App Coverage File”, have a look at the nice explanation on Giacomo Balli’s blog.

If you are just going for the quick solution, create an empty file with your favorite text editor and add this sample content inside:

 "type": "MultiPolygon",
 "coordinates": [[[

IMPORTANT: note that the first and last coordinates are the same. This is a must when declaring a MultiPolygon. It must be “closed”.

This sample MultiPolygon contains a region located in Madrid, Spain. Include your own coordinates in a  location of your choice. geojsonlint is a good source for testing/debugging your region.

Save the file to .geojson format, and upload it as the “Routing App Coverage File” in iTunes Store.