[Windows 8.1] Black screen with cursor/pointer after login

Well, I wasn’t sure about if this post was appropiate for this blog or not. A 10-inch tablet running Windows 8.1 is actually a mobile device, plus this info may be helpful, so I decided to include it ;-).

If you find this error, that is becoming very usual as you may notice in forums, check if you are infected by the Binkiland virus.

When on the black screen, Hit Ctrl+Alt+Del.

Go to Task Manager, then Apps or Applications.

Right-click one of them, and select “Find on explorer”. You will have an access to a window running the Explorer.

Inside it, click on Control Panel, and then Uninstall an Application.

Select all applications related to “Binkiland” (there will be more than one), and delete them.

Windows will go back to its normal state, or at least it did in my tablet.

I strongly recommend to factory reset your device after this.

Hope it helps! Made me waste an hour to find this solution 😦

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